This is my testimony of Dr. Comey & his wife Jennifer, who changed my life significantly into a healthier, improved state of being. I am forever grateful.

September 1997– my family physical, diagnosed me pre-diabetic. I was shocked and knew nothing about the disease. My wife and a golf buddy of mine noticed my voracious eating, excessive thirst and weight gain. For years, I was an avid Bowler and Golfer.  Eventually, I had to give up my Bowling League because my legs and arms were to weak. I continued to hack-around at golf, playing through 18 holes in chronic pain.

2000 – 2005– I experienced random dizziness, fainting spells and general malaise.  Tests revealed 98% blocked artery.  Also, a “birth defect” I never knew about, a septic disorder.

July 2005 – Open heart surgery at Morton Plant Hospital and month of “Cardiac-Rehab”. The chronic pain of diabetic neuropathy increased, A1C was 13.3 (way to high).

February 2017 – diagnosed with PE (Pulmonary Embolism) blood clots, one in each leg, that burst into both lungs. I’d returned home from a 7-hour airplane flight from LA California to Tampa, a week later PE clots burst. Spent 5 days in Morton Plant hospital and put on blood thinners. All the medications had side effects: fatigue, moodiness, blurry vision, weight gain.  The reality of possible blindness from diabetic retinopathy sent me to an Eye Specialist to get monthly shots in my eyes to reduce edema, swelling, blurry vision and eventual blindness.  Add to this an insulin pump attached to my body 24/7.  I talked to God, I’m still alive and wondered why?

November 2018– my loving wife signed us up for a workshop with free lunch and lecture by Dr. Comey. Reluctantly I agreed to attend. The information was invaluable.

Dr. Comey spoke on disease, medications and various components of improved health. We wanted to learn more and set an appointment. At the consultation, Dr. Comey explained the treatment plan options and informed us that diabetes in an autoimmune inflammatory disease. News to me. WOW!

The staff set up my individual treatment plan: scheduled office visits and huge dietary changes with focused on nutrition and supplements which resulted in a 26 lb. weight loss within a three-month cycle.  My numbers went down including my A1C (blood sugar level). I’m still getting it lowered, the process is a lifestyle change. I’m playing better gold and attend a regular exercise program for seniors. Finally, feeling and looking better, my family and friend noticed the difference.

Thanks to my darling wife, Rosemary, for encouraging me never to quit on my health. A huge “THANK YOU” Dr. Comey and his amazing assistant Jennifer, both extensively trained, educated and knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness. Thanks to Diane, always friendly and flexible with treatments and appointment setting. Thank you all!

I highly recommend COMEY CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC– Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist: Albert Comey, DC, DACNB (727) 581-3800

I opened the paper and saw Dr. Comey’s ad for a seminar. Having seen so many other ads, this one caught my eye. Even though I was hesitant about attending, I decided to go even if it might be another scam.

Needless to say, after listening to him for over an hour, I gave it a try. I signed up for his consultation and have not been sorry. From day one of the treatment, I had no more pain. I had been suffering from severe sciatica back and neck problems for the past year, and living on pain killers, Aspercreme, back patches and Ben Gay which only got me through the day. Now I am free of the pain killers and do not require afternoon or weekend naps. I even have much more energy and do not get so tired doing my house chores, working part-time, and doing errands.

HEALTH IS WEALTH I feel. Restoring my body back to good health, keeping me out of pain, and having more energy is what Dr. Comey, Jennifer and Diane have done for me. His treatment was a thorough history of my problems and an exam with x-rays. They do stretching and pulsating machines on my back, the foot massager, and Dr. Comey’s adjustments to my neck and back.

I am able to sleep through the night again, and wake up refreshed. I walk better and longer, and am able to get up and down stairs without any problems. It feels wonderful to get back to my “old self” instead of relenting to a cane and walker.

“AND NO MORE PAIN KILLERS.’’ I highly recommend Dr. Comey and his staff, his lovely wife Jennifer, and wonderful assistant Diane. They are superb and have done wonders for my broken body. You will not be sorry for seeking their services.

Mary Ann V.
Clearwater, Florida

Shary H.

5-star ++. Dr. Comey, Jennifer and Diane are absolutely superlative in patient care! I’ve been seeing Dr. Comey for nearly 3 years and he has resurrected me! He is extremely passionate about excelling in his field– he’s a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a mentor to many. The entire team is patient-focused, always greeting with a smile and conversation and never kept waiting, which is extremely rare in the doctor world. My highest recommendation.


Elizabeth T.

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Comey for 9 years and he’s the best chiropractor we’ve ever seen. We come once a month for “ maintenance “ and the office is extremely clean with a very kind, caring staff who treat us like family. I’ve thrown my back out several times over the years and Dr. Comey got me back on my feet within days without using heavy medication. I highly recommend him.



Debra L.

I highly recommend Comey Chiropractic Clinic. I have been a patient here for eight years. From the first visit with Dr. Comey, I knew I had found the right Doctor to help me. I have been adjusted by many Chiropractors. The biggest difference I noticed was how much longer I hold the adjustment. There was a time that I went through the side affects from long term antibiotics. My primary and my Gastrointestinal and my Urologist weren’t able to get me regulated. To my surprise it was Dr. Comey who got me well again. I have also been treated for bone spurs in my feet, no surgery needed! Throughout the years in conversations with other patients, I have been told that some travel quite a distance to see Dr. Comey. Jennifer and Diane are always very helpful and are great with the different therapy’s that are offered at the Clinic.

Michelle C.

Dr. Comey, Jennifer and Diane have all been wonderful to work with over the past decade. They are kind, patient, personable and very helpful. Dr Comey is extremely knowledgeable about his field. He is a life long learner inspired by his passion to help others reduce pain and increase mobility. Dr Comey also leads by example. He leads a very healthy lifestyle, taking personal control to limit the possibility of future ailments. Thank you Comey Chiropractic Clinic for all you do to help my family and I lead a healthy and pain free life.

Caden L.

Dr Al helped me Big Time!

Art D.

After going to other chiropractors I found Dr. Comey and I am very happy with my back and how he understands what a person is going through. With other chiropractic care I felt the same the next day. I walk out now and feel great. I highly recommend him.

Carol A.

I and my family have been seeing Dr. Comey for over 10 years. I was amazed that he was able to cure my migraines. it was wonderful to stop taking medication for that pain. I highly recommend Dr. Comey.


Patricia C.

Dr. Comey and his staff are the best! Before I went to him I couldn’t walk 5 minutes without pain. Now I’m able to walk all day 😀.


Emily W.

Dr. Comey and staff are extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring and professional. The environment is welcoming and Dr. Comey’s adjustments are safe, gentle yet effective. I’ve had my neck adjusted with various techniques other places (some scary neck moves and cracks) and I had very good results with his. As an athlete and a professional in the wellness industry, I need my body to be at optimal performance and rely on Comey Chiropractic to support my livelihood. They also offer a variety of therapeutic treatments to assist the healing. I highly recommend Comey Chiropractic. You will be in safe hands.







John L.

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of my husband, John. He is Dr. Comey’s patient of 2 weeks and counting…He has had, so far, a series of 6 specialized treatments by Dr. Comey and his staff for what has been diagnosed by other medical professionals as Peripheral Neuropathy in his arms and legs. He is not Diabetic, but due to a vast array of medications for kidney issues and other health related issues (which have been ongoing for many, many years), he has developed this progressive, debilitating disease. Then one day we received a seminar invitation from Comey Chiropractic Center, miraculously, when we were nearing our last straw for any chance of returning to a decent quality of life for John. Dr. Comey took us under his care, without any false promises that he will be able to reverse the Neuropathy. But one thing is certain…. John is seeing and feeling some internal transformation occurring, which we can only relate to his current care and treatment regimen from Dr. Comey and his wonderful staff. A positive frame of mind on the patient’s part is totally needed as well, to enter this journey, and my husband John, as well as myself, have put all of our faith and trust in this very knowledgeable team of professionals. We are so very grateful to have found these “Earth Angels” when we were at a very low point in our lives. God Bless You All.

David S.

Excellent doctor! Treated my vertigo that had me suffering for over a year. 6 weeks with Dr. Comey and I have my life back. He has an excellent and knowledgeable staff who helped me overcome months of fighting a sinus infection with cold laser and vitamins. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Comey for ANY ailments. Hands on doctor without the usual cracking of the neck/back which I experienced from other chiropractors. Dr. Comey takes a very different approach and much better.

Emily M.

Dr. Comey and Jennifer are amazing! After two years of seeing Specialist after Specialist who could not help my daughter, he figured it out after the first visit and created a treatment plan for her. We finally have hope, and my daughter is now on the road to recovery. Will highly recommend him to anyone looking for great care. Jennifer is great too!

Colleen F.

Dr. Comey, Jennifer and Diane are excellent.  My back and hip pain were so excruciating that I was forced to retire.   After having numerous other procedures including injections and radio frequency ablation, I was convinced that improvement was out of reach.  That’s when I decided to see Dr. Comey.  He did a thorough exam, determined a course of treatment and began my return to health.  In addition to gentle adjustments and fantastic therapies, Dr. Comey also recommended stem cell injections.  The stem cell injections capped off the final leg of my recovery.  I am now able to go shopping, go out for dinner with friends and walk in nature parks!  I highly recommend Dr. Comey.  If you are your wits end and need help, see Dr. Comey and his fine staff.  You won’t regret it!

Judy P.

Thank you to you and your staff for such compassionate care.  I appreciate the many ways you have helped me since I started with you January of 2018.

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